Sunday, November 29, 2015


I still remember when my father gave me this analogue camera as my first camera after months of whining. Well, to be honest, I was a bit disappointed at that time. It looks cute but it was different than what I expected. Of course little Sujan want a digital camera like her friends have... this camera doesn't have instant gratification like the digital camera. I can't directly see the picture that I just took, I have to wait like 2 weeks and it's killing me.
My father said, "if you want to learn photography, you have to start with this camera first."
I was like, what's the difference with learning from the digital one?
And let me tell you, my first roll is a disaster. There was only one picture that I like. The funny thing is, I really, really really like it so much. That challenges me to learn more about film photography.
And then I google on how to use the camera, how to use the light meter, what is ISO, shutter speed, depth of field and else.
It was confusing at first. But the more I tried, the more I understand. And I'm still learning even until now. I have to admit I can't really learn that all if my father didn't gave me this analogue camera in the first place. With the digital camera, we have the tendencies to use the auto mode if we don't understand. It doesn't push you to learn.

I realized, that whole process is what makes it so special. It takes time to understand the camera, the film, and not all people understand it. All the snaps that you took become precious because once you capture it, it lasts forever. You can't easily press the delete button if you don't like it. And the long wait of the pictures to get developed makes you really excited.
Even if all your films are ruined and not good, all of this effort is a beautiful process.
It's just different than digital camera.

Now I'm thankful that my father gave me this.
I'm still learning and my love for this camera is still growing.

Oh, and her name is Nikki.


  1. I am honestly glad that you could learn about life through this analog cam,
    but what pleases yet saddens me, is that my old camera back then was named Nikki too.
    till out of the blue your last sentence of this post somehow remind me more of her hiks :')

    but still, nice post!
    good luck for everything for you!
    wkwkw biarin aja ah komennya biar kayak stranger wkwkw

    1. La, gue gatau harus ngomong apa... it must be hard for you. be strong, Ela! :*

      thank you Elay! btw, ngepost lg dong! kita harus memunculkan kembali spirit blogging!
      I always wait for your next post!