Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Day Off: Jogjakarta

A couple weeks ago I went on a short getaway to Jogjakarta with my boyfriend. We spent the whole day there to just refresh our mind after the hectic week. It was short but enough to just forget the stressful uni-life.
Live your life in a balance, people. It's good to have a break once in a while.

Our first destination was Hutan Pinus Imogiri a.k.a Imogiri Pine Forest. We drove from Solo around 9 a.m. and arrived in the forest around 11 a.m. (shout out to Waze!).
The forest is nice. It's located in a hill, about one hour from the city. There are a lot of pine trees (of course, duh) and a little bit of Twilight vibes. Fortunately there are no vampires there.
The weather was also nice. It was cloudy when we went there. Sometimes the sunlight pierces through the trees made the view more beautiful and dreamy. That's why you may find a group of people doing pre-wed photoshoots.
The only problem was probably the mosquitoes. They were quite a lot. So you may want to bring a mosquito's repellent spray or lotion with you when you go there.

Cocolyn Apparel stripes top, Thrifted mom jeans, 
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Then we drove back to the city. Our next destination was a restaurant that was recommended by some of my friends, Roaster&Bear Restaurant. The restaurant is located inside the HARPER Hotel Jogja. The first thing I noticed was the interior. Just like the name, the wall of the restaurant was filled with cute bear mural. The first floor decoration was more sweet and cute with white domination. There's also a huge bear doll sitting in a corner of the room. Sadly, I didn't get to take a pic because there were too many people so I went straight to the second floor. The interior on the second floor has a different vibe than the floor below. It still has some bear mural on the wall, but it was more elegant with black dominating the room. The most important thing is, it's a cozy place to eat.

And the foods were great! They suit our tastebuds. The restaurant offers some variant of western and Indonesian foods. I ordered the Spinach Cordon Bleu and it was really good. The portion was just right for me, not too much but enough to fill my stomach. My boyfriend ordered the Beef Black Pepper and he said it was delicious too. I forgot what kind of drink we ordered but I remember it was nice and refreshing. So overall, it was a good place to have lunch or dinner.

We actually planned to have a gelato for dessert at Tempo Gelato but the weather was suddenly changing from sunny&cloudy to rainy. So then we cancelled the Gelato (sad, I know). We took selfies while we wait for the rain to stop a little bit and then we went to a bookstore. I bought some art supplies and then we went to buy martabak red velvet at Martabak Kum Kum which the picture wasn't taken (it's already too dark and we ate them in the car).
After that we drove home.

That day was tiring yet fun. Short but memorable. 
I really want to have another short getaway soon. But I guess I have to deal with these task and projects first. Hectic weeks are coming in a short time. I better prepare myself.

Bonus pict: Le companion.

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