Saturday, February 20, 2016

Korea Photo Diary (Part II: Namwon, Jeonju)

Namwon is beautiful city which is about three hours away from Seoul. It is called the city of love because of the Korea's famous love story of Chunhyang. Namwon is located ust outside the Jirisan National Park, which has the largest set of mountains on the South Korea Mainland. It also borders the Somjin River.
Just look at it, it's beautiful.

Chun Hyang Theme Park, Garden and Museum
Ever watched the Korean drama Sassy Girl Chunhyang? Its story is based on one of Korea's most iconic story, Chunhyangjeon. It's a famous love story in Korea and often called as Korea's Rome and Juliet--although they both didn't die because of poison. (I know it seems like my trip was all about Korean drama but believe me it wasn't. It's just turn out that many dramas in Korea were inspired by their own history and culture.)
The story was about Chunhyang, the daughter of a Korean Gisaeng, Wolmae. One day, Yi Mong Ryong, the son of the district magistrate was out for a walk, enjoying the spring beauty. Then he saw a beautiful lady on a swing. The girl he saw was none other than Chunhyang. He desperately want to meet that lovely girl, so he sent his servant to arrange a meeting with her. Hesitant at first, Chunhyang finally agreed to meet. Their first meeting was in Gwanghallu. But that's just the beginning of their love story. You can read the full story here.
I'm not really sure wether this folktale's based on an actual event or not, but this theme park really made the story alive. There's the Chunhyang house, the swing, and the Gwanhallu. The park looks so beautiful even on winter. I believe it would be even more beautiful on spring.

Jeonju Hanok Village
Hanok is Korean traditional houses. There are about 700 homes Jeonju Hanok Village and represent the largest cluster of Hanok in Korea. There are some major attractions in Jeonju Hanok Village; The Gyeonggijeon Shrine, Hagindang, Jeonju Korean Traditional Paper Centre, Jeonju Traditional Korean Wine Museum, Jeonju Craftworks Exhibition Hall and more. Jeonju is also famous for their delicious bibimbap. So if you're a bibimbap lover, you may want to go to Jeonju.
A bunch of people visiting Jeonju Hanok Village every year. You can find many craft stores and souvenir shops here. And also a lot of street foods! You can also rent hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) here, so you may find a lot of people wearing hanbok in this place. Jeonju Hanok Village is definitely a tourist attraction for all age.