Monday, June 27, 2016

Do It Yourself: Patch Jeans

DIY spirits run wild!
So one day, I saw this jeans from Irene Kim's instagram, and I knew right away that I have to make one for me too. So if you feel the same, you might want to continue reading because I'll let you know how to make this super easy DIY.

First, this is what you need to prepare:

1. Old jeans
2. Patches
3. Fabric glue (I use Delta Sobo Premium Craft & Fabric Glue)
4. Iron

I use two different type of patches for this DIY. One is the iron on type (from , and the other one is the usual type, the kind that you need to sew or glue on (from @makeitwappen).  I'll review and compare these two at the end of this post.
Now to the fun part!

Arrange your patch however you like it to be, to make sure where to put them so you can see how it will turn out before you glue them on.

After you finish arranging the patch, now you can start to glue them one by one and place them to your jeans.
For the iron-on types, you just simply peal the sticker off the patch and place them wherever you want.
And the last step, iron them patches!

That's it. You're done.
It's super easy, it's cute, and it's so unique you won't find it anywhere else.

And now that you've already know the steps, I'll talk about the patches I use for this jeans.
I've used this jeans for a while now and I've already wash it too. I must say I recommend the usual patch more than the iron-on one. The iron-on type, I find it not really stick to the jeans material and it was really easy to fell off. I think it's because you move around a lot in pants, so it makes them easy to fall. But I think it will be great if you put it on bags or laptop case.
As for the other patches, they work well with the fabric glue. They still going strong and won't come off anytime soon. But I do recommend to sew them on the edges to make them look more neat.

Anyway, I really like the final result and here is my way on how to style them.


  1. akhirnya jadi dipost juga setelah lama ga dipost yhaa

    1. YAYYYYYY stay tune for more DIY HAHA

    2. YAYYYYYY stay tune for more DIY HAHA

  2. i mean ngonsepnya yang udah lama tp baru bisa skrg dipostnya hahah