Friday, September 9, 2016

DIY: Fringe Jeans

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Since I was a kid, I have an interest of making/DIY-ing stuff. For example, I used to make my own Barbie's clothes. I know my mom would never bought me those unimportant things unless I score good grades (which also means I have to wait until the semester's over), so I decided to make it myself. I cut my T-shirts and turned them into my barbie's clothes. Not only that, I used to paint my shorts and my T-shirts, I cut my my pants into shorts, I cut my sweater into a beanie. My mom would get angry because sometimes I cut a nice T-shirt or pants or anything that is still in a good condition (you know, kid rebellion). And now that I'm not a kid anymore, I know that money don't grow on trees. But my love for DIY-ing stuff has not died yet. So I have to find another way.
One day, I went to Pasar Baru, accompanying my mom. Then I spotted a section of thrift stores and I knew right away, "this is the answer" because my mom allows me to "destroy" the things I get from a thrift shop.
And that is the beginning of my thrifting journey. Thrifting is not bad. You know, if you look close enough, you might find hidden gems.

Now on to this DIY. So I have this long straight jeans I found at a thrift store in Jogja. I love the colors and it was still in a good condition. I bought it for IDR 50K (under 5$) which is insanely cheap. the size is too big for me so I brought it to a tailor to downsize it, but it was still a bit too long for me. So I decided to cut it, and made a little twist with adding a fringe effect on the bottom. I see this kind of jeans lately and I kinda loving it. I love custom jeans. It makes you look super unique but at the same time effortless and laid back, because it's jeans.

And today I will show you how to make this DIY fringe hem jeans!

What you need:
- Jeans (flare, wide leg, mom jeans or whatever jeans you want)
- Scissor
- Tweezer

#1: Measure
First, measure how long you would want to cut your jeans. Once you're sure, mark it with safety pins or make a line with chalk or pencil.

#2: Cut
Cut it out with a sharp scissor.

#3: Fringe
Then make a fringe with a tweezer. Jeans are woven fabrics, so that means there are horizontal threads and vertical threads interlacing each other. What you have to do is basically pull the horizontal threads with a tweezer, leaving the vertical threads to make a fringe. Pull the threads to the side to make it easier to come out. Keep doing it until you've reached the length of the fringe that you want.

And now you have a fringe denim on your closet! 
I really love the result. Yes, it needs a little patience, but I swear it will worth the wait.
I hope this tutorial is useful for you. If you happen to make this DIY too, share it with me! I'd love to see your creation ❤︎

Oh, and if you're Indonesian, you can watch the tutorial I made on Youtube. It's in Bahasa ;)
(It can only be played on computer or laptop)



  1. videonya bisa di play di mobile device juga dong kaka.

  2. Hey! I'd like to know where's the thrift shop in Jogja that provides good jeans? I want to make a Fringed jeans also! Been dying where to get them second hand high waisted jeans in Jogja D: Terimakasih <3