Wednesday, November 2, 2016

DIY Secret Storage Book (or Box)

First video with me talking in front of the camera. I know it's so cringe worthy....... but you should watch it nonetheless *smirk face*

By the way, life updates!
My (hopefully) last year of university life has been keeping me busy these couple months and still will. I have done my internship so now I am working on my final project. I have 3 exams to pass on my final project and I've passed the first one so I am  technically 1/3 Sarjana Teknik guys!
I know the road to S.T. may not be easy but I hope it will be smooth until the end so that I can graduate by next year. can I get an aamiin here?!

Ok then,
over and out.


  1. Jadi mbaknya naro foto mantan di tumpukan secret storage box nih?

    1. Itu contoh... untungnya saya ga nyimpen nyimpen foto mantan :)

  2. Kak majalahnya harus pake gogirl gak? aku ga punya