Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Welcoming the year of chicken and fried egg.

Well it's actually rooster but you know what I mean. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'ALL!

2016 was a tough year for me, even from the start. You all know that, I shared some of my journey with you guys in this blog too. 2016 has taught me a lot of essential things in life through its ups and downs. I feel blessed nonetheless. I am grateful for all the things that happened to me, whether they're good or bad.

Seeing how 2016 went, my resolutions for this year is to "worry less" because honestly speaking, I started this year by overthinking and worrying a little bit too much. I happen to think a lot about the future recently. I assume it's because I'm entering the age of adulthood so maybe I'm in some kind of a state where we question a lot about life and the future (but idk, do you?). The main thing is, the blurriness and the uncertainty of the future scare the hell out of me and that's the problem because no one knows how the future looks like or how it's going to be and worrying about it will take longer than forever. You waste a lot of time and energy by just thinking and worrying about it, plus it won't do any good for your future either. So sit back and relax. Set goals, make lists, do what you have to do, get done anything that have to be done, but don't forget to take rests sometimes because your mind and body deserve it-- don't too much, though.

I actually write this post as a reminder for myself but it I think it can be helpful for some of you too. I know it's not a really typical cheerful-new-year post to begin with but I hope we can all have a really great year ahead! Let's make happy memories!

ps: I'm going to Belitung tomorrow for KKN. I wasn't really excited about going because I was sick (diarrhea ew) but I'm better now so hopefully it will all be okay. Will be gone for 6 weeks so see you on the next post!


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