Sunday, July 30, 2017

We are more than just 'pretty face'.

I was in the middle of doing my final project when someone suddenly sent me an instagram direct message. The message goes like this,
"Mbaa, kalo udah lulus kerja di tempat saya ya? Lagi butuh arsitek nih. Syaratnya cantik. Masuk kategori mba mah. Gimana minat kan?"

"Hey there, would you like to work in my office once you graduated? Our office needs an architect. The requirement is that she has to be pretty. You sure fit in the category. Are you interested?"

in which I reply,
"Kalo syaratnya cuma berdasarkan cantik atau enggaknya, saya ga tertarik :)"

"If the requirements are only judged by the face appearance, I'm not interested :)" (of course the sarcastic smiley face should be in it)

and he replied,
"Becanda mbaa haha"

"I'm just kidding haha"

One, if that was a joke, your joke is terrible.
Two, if that was meant to be a pick up line, you won't be able to find a date even in a million years.

Let me get this straight. If you think you can make a girl's heart flutter just by saying her face is pretty, you are wrong. That, up there, is not romantic at all but rather disrespectful. Us, women, girls, are more than just our physical appearances. This is 2017 for God's sake. We go to school. We go to universities. We can choose to be who we want to be. We are not properties to pleasure men's eye. We have much more value than just THAT. If you plan to hire someone just so you can look at her pretty face all day, just hire a mannequin. It's pretty, you can look at it all day and it won't protest a single bit. 

To all young girls out there, let me tell you something. If some boys tell you that you are pretty, don't fall for it. Pretty is such a lazy way to describe your value. You are a lot more. For example, maybe you are smart, you are caring, or you are strong, maybe you are a good listener, your fashion sense is on point, your drawing skill is amazing, you are a good speaker, or maybe your voice is so sweet when you sing, you have a good artistic sense, you have a good leadership skill, you are more than just 'pretty face'.
Always remember that.

I'm sorry but this thing really pisses me off.
Anyway, good night.


  1. Yeah, agreed. Women are way more capable than the guys imagine.
    A woman has bachelor title because she has value to offer other than beauty.