Saturday, February 10, 2018

Life updates.

Another year, another adventure.

A quick life updates;
After graduating and drifting in life don't know where to go, I decided to take my time and spend my time in Kalimantan with my Mom. I want to spend more time with her because I think this is the best time while I plan my next step in life. After all, she is all I have.
Also, this year I begin bullet journaling and trying to be committed to it because usually it only lasted for a week. But it's been a month and it's still going. I really want to be more organised and so far I really love it! This year I also want to be healthy so I begin to exercise regularly, even if it's 10 minutes a day.
So yep, I am enjoying life and learning so much more new things. I have so many ideas and plans to develop, I think I'll burst out of excitements! And while we wait for that, here is a little glimpse of my 2017 that I put together to a video. Enjoy!

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