Sunday, April 1, 2018

"If I lost everything, will I still be 'me'?"

It's a slow and relaxing Sunday for me. I just spent my day cleaning with my mom, journaling, and watching videos on Youtube. As I surf the Youtube world, I found this video that I like so much and I thought I'd share it with you guys. I think it will make you see yourself and your life in a new way.
Anyway, I hope it gives you hope (like it did to me), for whoever needs it right now.

btw quick updates:
Tomorrow is my first day of work for me (please congratulate me!). Am I nervous? of course. I actually didn't think that I will face the--as most of people called it--realest of real life this quick. I mean I'm not ready yet, but again, who in this world is ever ready? I think I will experience a lot of things but I surely will learn something from those experience. Whatever that is, I hope I will be able to face it with positivity. Besides all that, this is my first ever work experience so I'm also kind of excited.Wish me luck!

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